Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Petcha Kutcha: I Love Shoes Presentation

I did my Petcha Kutcha presentation on shoes. I chose shoes because like most women I love shoes! I love shopping for shoes and I can't stop. Its almost an addiction. Whats really sad is that I don't really like wearing heals that much. I don't know why I put myself through so much pain. I know for a fact that there are many other women in the world that feels exactly the same as me...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Screencast: Embedding a video

I did my screencast over embedding a video....It's long over due but, better late than never right....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week #10 Constructive Feedback

This week we had to put togehter a screen cast of how to do something that we learned in this course, i.e. embedding, voice threading, google maps, etc. However I have not completed mine as of this moment. On teh other hand I commented on two classmate blogs. Those blogs includes: Natalie's Second Life: Confusion blog and Sarah's 2nd Life: Good or Bad for learning? blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A second chance for "Second Life"

In the video, "Orientation in Second Life" it discusses an online program that allows people to create an avatar and how they can navigate through the program as well.

My most significant take away from this video is how confusing the orientation of second life was. Apparently people don’t even get past the orientation before they just give up. However they are trying very hard to find a way to make second life easier to navigate, so that is one great factor. I have never used second life but who knows, once al the kinks are worked out, it might prove to be a useful educational tool.

I Guess I could try to employ second life in my classroom in the future. Of course, I would only use it if I could teach it in an educational way. Students could gain social dexterity, cognitive intensification, and even problem solving skills. Overall, the video was good. There are people who are actually trying to find various ways that they could improve second life. Remember there is always room for improvement.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 9 K-12 blog comments (Create a Survey)

This weeks classroom blog is late, but of course... Hey better late than never... This week we created a class survey it was quite interesting. I did mine over cruise vactaions. the results as of today are as follows: Six people took the survey and out of those six only 2 people have been on a cruise and the other 4 have not been on a cruise. Four people said that they would prefer Ocho Rios & Grand Caymen Islands cruise and the other two said they would prefer a Half Moon Cay & Nassau Bahamas cruise. For the last question Three people said they would want to go with their family, one said a special someone, another said her boyfriend and close friends and the last one said a significant other.

For my classroom blog I commented on New School Year, New Job, New Responsibilities and I also commented on "Adding A Little Twist To An Old Experiment"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sam's Digital Youth Portrait

In the video Sam's EduTopia Digital Youth Portrait, it’s about a 13yr old girl who has basically learned about technology on her own. Also she uses technology in her everyday life to solve many of her everyday problems. It’s a great video for teens to watch, because it reflects on all the technological possibilities that are out there.

Given the fact that I am not technologically savvy, I actually value people who are out in the world treating technology as a another everyday tool. I remember one time that I had to have my sister show me how to embed a video because I forgot what Professor Fryer said to do. I was about to email him but she told me that she knew how to do it.

I will never underestimate what the mind of a younger person can perform. Just when I think I know something about Technology, I learn something new. In most case, outside of this Technology class, the technological things I have learned is from someone that’s yonger than me. I think that’s quite valuable because the youth of today are our future.

In my class, I will try to give my students every possible chance to use technology. Even if it is as simple as having them to make a digital 5 – picture story. I believe that today’s Teachers need to use every beneficial, technological avenue possible in their classrooms.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Peek for a Week in a Kiwi Junior Classroom

A Peek for a Week in a Kiwi Junior Classroom

My biggest take away from this video was how she said that even 6 year olds could utilize the site. I thought it was neat whenever my 5 year old nephew came home from school telling us about the fisher price sites he got to play on that day. It still just concerns me that maybe younger kids are getting on computers too early. I'd like to take science outside and teach real life mathematical experiences.

I do like the idea of kids having kind of a syllabus to go by day by day like we do in school. Some kids like to work ahead and that could enable them a bit more.