Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Very Own & 1st Voice Thread

So, I created a voice thread for the first time today. It was titled "Cruise Vacations: For Everyone".

Creating this voice thread took more time than it should have however it was not because it was difficult. I am a very particular person and I like things to be a certain way. When it came to recording my voice I must have re-recorded like 5 times and that was not just for one picture it was for all 5 pictures that I used in my voice thread. It was fun and I can't wait to do it again.

The url for the pictures in this voice thread are as follows:

Picture #1: Step-mom & the Birdman
Picture #2: Mommy & Baby's 1s cruise
Picture #3: Carnival Cruise Ship Destiny
Picture #4: Saniya & Mommy in Cozumel Mexico
Picture #5: Me and the girls (2nd cruise)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Model to Mommy: My 5 Picture Story!...

Model To Mommy!

Pictures belong to: Felisha Seward

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital Citizenship: It's a Right not a Privilege

The video Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers, basically talked aboutstudents that researched the element of digital citizenship; such as cyber-bullying, security, etc.

One of the key elements that I got from this film is; there are many dangers in having a digital citizenship, there are also some measures that you can take in preventing them. For example, you can start by implementing Technological Awareness for (DWT) Driving While Texting or Cyber-bulling.

I can relate to the video everything that they are discussing pertains to me and anyone else that uses the internet. You never know if the picture that your posting in inappropriate. At the time you post it, you might think that it is innocent but there are people out there that will turn around one way or another. In addition, I remember a time at my aunts’ funeral one of my cousins’ vehicles was hit. The person that hit her car was using her phone, not paying attention and ran into my cousin’s car. Had she not been on her phone then she would have seen that it was a funeral tail passing.

Be the change that you want to see! I think that is the basic premise of this video. When it comes to having digital citizenship there are guideline just like a regular citizenship. However, some individuals like to misuse their citizenship by doing things that negatively affect others. Then there are some who are simply naive to what those dangers are. We can protect others and ourselves by teaching digital awareness.

The Great PBL Approach

The video, Project Learning: An Overview, included various age group of students who were working on different types of research projects by analyzing it and finding a solution by using problem solving skills.

One of the things that I took from this particular video is that each individual has the right to pursue whatever they want as a career. By teachers, implementing (PBL) Project-Based Learning in the classroom it will broaden students’ perception to exactly what those options are all because they had a chance to experience them early on.

I can relate to this video because when it comes to learning new things, I cannot always catch on that quick when I just sit and listen to someone lecture. Being able to be involved in (PBL) Project-Based Learning, or what I call hands on approach, makes it so much easier for me to grasp the concept. In addition, it gives me that extra boost of confidence because I’m not secretly thinking, “I’m completely lost”.

I think that this video was implying that having (PBL) Project Based Learning is a great tool to use in all types of classroom setting with various age groups. Not only will it help to make the learning environment more appealing, help student gain further knowledge on that particular subject, but it will also give students the notion that there is a huge world of options out there for them when it comes to deciding what career they want to pursue.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week #3

I quite enjoyed this weeks assignments. It was fairly easier due to it not having as many assignments to complete. Not that the assignments are hard, they are just time consuming. But hey, this is college afterall. However I'm excited to start the voice threading assignment, it should be very interesting. Also, I'm happy to say that I finally got the embedding process down. I think I made it seem harder than it actually was... Well T4T goodnight and see you in class.

Slaves of Stereotypes? The Modern World and Gender

In the video, Slaves of Stereotypes? The Modern World and Gender, Alix talks about how from birth we come into this world filled with gender stereotypes and society expects us to follow them. Stereotypes such as how boy should act and dress verses how girls should act and dress. However we need to find out our own identities for ourselves and she goes on to give examples of people who steered away from societies stereotypes.

This was a great video. I was pulled in the whole time by her use of word play to the music she choose. There are so many people struggling with their identity. We have our parents, teachers, classmates, and even church members setting the standards as to whom we should be as a person. Alix is absolutely correct we can use the internet to see that there is a whole new world out there and we shouldn’t and don’t have to follow society’s guidelines regarding OUR identity.

How Luis Embraces Technology

This blog is in response to a video that I watched titled, Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Luis

The most significant takeaway for me was that Luis he uses technology for multiple purposes (i.e. connecting with family & friends, to improve his studies, and to find & use information for his community and his self). Having technology can help to improve a presentation and make it a lot less intimidating.

I connect with Luis because I not only use facebook quite often just as he does, but also I can chat with friends all while doing home work. Plus the fact that I can send someone an email verse sending a letter is quite comforting because the turnaround time on a response is much more rapid.

This video implies that students his day and age is very much into technology and the use of technology is great when preparing for and giving presentation. Most peole are nervous when they give a presentation and doing something with your hands can take some of the edge off. With technology your not just standing there looking into the faces of a large crowd. Instead of disregarding it, we as current and future educators should embrace it and incorporate it in our lesson.