Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital Citizenship: It's a Right not a Privilege

The video Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers, basically talked aboutstudents that researched the element of digital citizenship; such as cyber-bullying, security, etc.

One of the key elements that I got from this film is; there are many dangers in having a digital citizenship, there are also some measures that you can take in preventing them. For example, you can start by implementing Technological Awareness for (DWT) Driving While Texting or Cyber-bulling.

I can relate to the video everything that they are discussing pertains to me and anyone else that uses the internet. You never know if the picture that your posting in inappropriate. At the time you post it, you might think that it is innocent but there are people out there that will turn around one way or another. In addition, I remember a time at my aunts’ funeral one of my cousins’ vehicles was hit. The person that hit her car was using her phone, not paying attention and ran into my cousin’s car. Had she not been on her phone then she would have seen that it was a funeral tail passing.

Be the change that you want to see! I think that is the basic premise of this video. When it comes to having digital citizenship there are guideline just like a regular citizenship. However, some individuals like to misuse their citizenship by doing things that negatively affect others. Then there are some who are simply naive to what those dangers are. We can protect others and ourselves by teaching digital awareness.

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