Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slaves of Stereotypes? The Modern World and Gender

In the video, Slaves of Stereotypes? The Modern World and Gender, Alix talks about how from birth we come into this world filled with gender stereotypes and society expects us to follow them. Stereotypes such as how boy should act and dress verses how girls should act and dress. However we need to find out our own identities for ourselves and she goes on to give examples of people who steered away from societies stereotypes.

This was a great video. I was pulled in the whole time by her use of word play to the music she choose. There are so many people struggling with their identity. We have our parents, teachers, classmates, and even church members setting the standards as to whom we should be as a person. Alix is absolutely correct we can use the internet to see that there is a whole new world out there and we shouldn’t and don’t have to follow society’s guidelines regarding OUR identity.

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