Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Luis Embraces Technology

This blog is in response to a video that I watched titled, Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Luis

The most significant takeaway for me was that Luis he uses technology for multiple purposes (i.e. connecting with family & friends, to improve his studies, and to find & use information for his community and his self). Having technology can help to improve a presentation and make it a lot less intimidating.

I connect with Luis because I not only use facebook quite often just as he does, but also I can chat with friends all while doing home work. Plus the fact that I can send someone an email verse sending a letter is quite comforting because the turnaround time on a response is much more rapid.

This video implies that students his day and age is very much into technology and the use of technology is great when preparing for and giving presentation. Most peole are nervous when they give a presentation and doing something with your hands can take some of the edge off. With technology your not just standing there looking into the faces of a large crowd. Instead of disregarding it, we as current and future educators should embrace it and incorporate it in our lesson.

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