Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 9 K-12 blog comments (Create a Survey)

This weeks classroom blog is late, but of course... Hey better late than never... This week we created a class survey it was quite interesting. I did mine over cruise vactaions. the results as of today are as follows: Six people took the survey and out of those six only 2 people have been on a cruise and the other 4 have not been on a cruise. Four people said that they would prefer Ocho Rios & Grand Caymen Islands cruise and the other two said they would prefer a Half Moon Cay & Nassau Bahamas cruise. For the last question Three people said they would want to go with their family, one said a special someone, another said her boyfriend and close friends and the last one said a significant other.

For my classroom blog I commented on New School Year, New Job, New Responsibilities and I also commented on "Adding A Little Twist To An Old Experiment"

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