Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sam's Digital Youth Portrait

In the video Sam's EduTopia Digital Youth Portrait, it’s about a 13yr old girl who has basically learned about technology on her own. Also she uses technology in her everyday life to solve many of her everyday problems. It’s a great video for teens to watch, because it reflects on all the technological possibilities that are out there.

Given the fact that I am not technologically savvy, I actually value people who are out in the world treating technology as a another everyday tool. I remember one time that I had to have my sister show me how to embed a video because I forgot what Professor Fryer said to do. I was about to email him but she told me that she knew how to do it.

I will never underestimate what the mind of a younger person can perform. Just when I think I know something about Technology, I learn something new. In most case, outside of this Technology class, the technological things I have learned is from someone that’s yonger than me. I think that’s quite valuable because the youth of today are our future.

In my class, I will try to give my students every possible chance to use technology. Even if it is as simple as having them to make a digital 5 – picture story. I believe that today’s Teachers need to use every beneficial, technological avenue possible in their classrooms.


  1. What a wonderful blog. I agree with you they are our future and we should encourage our students to play with these tools to learn how to use them. Trial and error is a great way to really lean something. We should never be embarrassed to have someone younger then us teach us something. Great Reflection!

  2. Good job linking and embedding the video!

    You don't have to consider yourself "not digitally saavy." Look at you blogging now and hyperlinking! I bet 90% of classroom teachers today in Oklahoma don't know how (yet) to embed video on a blog post. So don't count yourself SO far behind. Keep it up!