Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The wiki I never knew!

Paula White's video "Parallel Play or Collaboration--Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work" was extremely educational. It basically illustrated the process of using Wiki in classrooms. As well as how it is believed to be beneficial when it comes to students collaborating. It discusses how students use wiki and how it’s helped them.

I never really know what a wiki was and nor had I heard of it prior to watching this video. I think that I am a little more conversant; nonetheless I’m still a bit overwhelmed. The examples given by Paula White helped me some. I also explored it, on my own, a little more on the Internet. I feel it would be a great tool for planning family reunions, church events, and even little league sporting events. It is hard when you’re trying to plan something and you’re trying to communicate with so many different people. Using a wiki would definitely minimize the confusion.

Also just as Paula explained in the video this is a great way for students to pool resources with one another, besides working solely in a classroom setting. Time and again there are some students who are timid about giving their input and this could assist them in voicing their opinions. The more information I discover regarding technology the further importance I see that it has as a role in today’s and the future’s teaching environment.


  1. I felt the same way and I still feel overwhelmed like you do. I think I got everything done for it but my intergrated unit plan page

  2. Great job Felisha! Keep learning about wikis; I've no doubt you'll be a master of the concept before you know it. You will then be able to apply it to your future endeavors (be it personal or professional).

  3. Good job exploring the links Paula provided. I think the feeling of overwhelm is common in our class, but honestly that is OK. This is the world we live in. The more we work with digital tools and use them for learning, the more conversant we become with them and the better we'll be able to not only help ourselves learn, but also our students.