Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wizard of Apps...

So I was required to watch this video titled The Wizard of Apps. Basically it showed different websites and tools that people can use online. In doing so they used the theme The Wizard of Oz. They used the same characters from the movie; in which they all have an issue that they need to deal with. So they all need to meet up with the wizard for help with their various problems. For example, the Tin-Man is writing a paper, but does not know if the sites he is going to are appropriate for his topic or if the blogs he reads are a suitable resources. What he needs is a research app. This video features answers to the Tin-Man's problem, as well as the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Dorothy. There is also a site you can visit were you will find the slides that the creator used in the film.

The creator did a great job in introducing the various problems that can arise when a student is attempting to work on a project. The video covered Creative Commons and Flickr, information regarding copyrights of work published by others, as well as how someone could use those two sites to share their photos and still have it copyrighted to them, so that it can’t be misused.

This video reflects into my life I could really use some of the website sources that the creator mentioned throughout the film. So, it was really informative. When it comes to posting pictures; knowing exactly what type of site Creative Commons and Flickr are and what they do helped me. I was scared to share pictures of my daughter but now I know I can without being to worried.

I really believe that this is something that will be beneficial to show my future students. I feel like we should teach this type of awareness early on. I know I wish I learned it prior to venturing the digital world.

I used the and to check to see exactly what I would find. It was funny though, because I was on sites that I forgot all about; such as and Needless to say I deleted them since I don’t use them anymore. It also showed where I was on facebook, myspace, and ALL the sites that I have signed up for since I started this Technology for Teachers course.


  1. So glad you used some of the digital footprint tracking sites! These are good to show students as well as parents.

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