Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cameron's video

To view the video that I'm discussing in this blog you can clike on the following link.

Question #1: What is your most significant "takeaway" or learning point from the video? Why? Elaborate in detail.
Answer #1: What I took from this video is that there are times when students can teach the teachers a few things or two. That it's okay to allow students to teach the class. The reason being is that each student is our future and they will all have something different to offer.
Question #2: How does this video / the ideas of this video relate or connect with your own experiences from your life. Elaborate.
Answer #2: When it comes to technology it is always changing and I find it important to continuously keep myself current. Just like Cameron, the young boy, in the film he has his hands in every piece of technology. Technology is constantly drawing him in. Now I might now be as technology savvy as Cameron is but I know that it's a necessity if I want to keep up with the flow things.

Question #3: What are some of the implications of this video / the ideas of this video for your own teaching practice and pedagogic creed as a educator?
Answer #3: I believe that this video was implying that technology is a major component in our ever changing society and it's something that we should all enjoy familiarizing ourselves with. Also that it's absolutly nothing wrong with allow students teach the class, because they might be able to offer the class something that the teacher wasn't able to offer and it will also keep them excited about learning.

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